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2016: Tree species diversity as a driver of above ground tree carbon and soil carbon fluxes in the tropics: Implications for REDD+ in Bangladesh. The Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation, The Rufford Foundation. 

2016: The Centre for Global Change Science, University of Toronto Graduate Student Award for the project ‘Effect of biochar on soil greenhouse gas fluxes along a gradient of tropical forest disturbance in Bangladesh‘.

2015: ‘Combating climate change with biochar in beautiful Bangladesh’- a crowd funded project at

2014: Jeanne F. Goulding Fellowship (merit based) at University of Toronto.

2013: Connaught International Scholarship for Doctoral Students at University of Toronto.

2013: Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) at University of Toronto.

2013: ‘Relationship of forest canopy openness and canopy height with some selected soil chemical properties in a tropical forest of Bangladesh’- a University Grant Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh funded project.

2012: ‘Relationship between folivory and some selected properties of leaf of abundant tree species at Ratargul Freshwater Swamp Forest, Bangladesh’- a UGC, Bangladesh funded project.

2012: ‘Modeling endangered plant species distribution in future climate scenario in the Satchari National Park, Bangladesh’- a UGC, Bangladesh funded project.

2011: ‘Study of forest cover dynamics and consequent global warming using remotely sensed data: A case study from Ratargul swamp forest, Bangladesh’- a UGC, Bangladesh funded project.

2006: Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Merit Award for Graduate Students.

2002-2005: Shahjalal University of Science and Technology Merit Awards for Undergraduate Students (total 4 awards).

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